Duo Review with Flora Meadow - LYLA

"I saw Nora recently at an in call location for am amazing duo with Floral Meadows. Communication was via email with reasonable response times in working out time and details. Nora's website and twitter posts reflect accurately her beautiful looks and personality and amazing smile. In person she was friendly, warm, sensual and enthusiastic. Very open to my requests and preferences and very enthusiastic about being with Flora. This was apparently their first duo and there was definitely lots of excitement all around. Excellent professional and charming provider. "

Duo Review with Wren Stone - LYLA

"This month [Nora] gave her clients a wonderful gift for the Holidays. She is now offering duos with her beautiful real life girlfriend Wren Stone. They are a wonderful and captivating couple that truly love sharing their connection with their guests. I spent two amazing hours with these bewitching young ladies yesterday afternoon. They made me feel totalling comfortable and it was fantastic to see these two together. It was a genuine and remarkable time and all three of us commented several times this so hot. If you have visited Lilith before you will remember that she has a great deal of energy and never seems stop pleasuring you and herself. But yesterday Wren and I manged cause her to need a moment as she was exhausted. Both ladies are gorgeous small and curvy BBW and are delightful together. So if you want to experience a real life duo then you should be contacting these wonderful amazing young ladies... I would like to say thank you to Lilith and Wren for fantastic time and I am already looking forward to our next time."

The Erotic Review (TER) & LYLA

"[Nora] is a very rare, passionate, intimate, bubby, quirky, compassionate, bewitching, and captivating young Lady. She has a smile that will just plain brighten your day. Her laugher is abundant and will put you at easy. She has the most beautiful blue eyes that will cause you to be totally bewitched by her. We meet at her in call apartment which is located in an older detached house in Sandy Hill Area of Ottawa. When she greets you at the door with the best hug you could ever imagined. She will instantly make you feel comfortable and know her only desire is to please you. She will allow you to explore all of your desires with your new Temporary Girlfriend or she will become you New Mistress and pushed you beyond your limits if that is what you desire. She has an abundance of skill and knowledge to ensure that your encounter will be the time of your life. At the end of date you will leave with a deep and intimate connection with the most wonderful and amazing young Lady..."